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Parma is a city full of grace: its atmosphere is so delightful, just like in a small capital city. The city centre, rich in artworks, green areas and treasures from different eras, will welcome you.

On the other hand, Parma is not only famous for its centre, with the monuments and the cultural and musical tradition. Parma is, indeed, renowned also for its province and the surrounding territory, which enrich the city itself with their infinite resources. Around Parma you will find a varied landscape which goes from the river Po to the Apennines. The province is embellished with many little villages, full of history and vitality, castles, medieval churches and theatres.

You will be able to visit many true masterpieces, such as the Rossi Castle in San Secondo, the Colorno Palace, surrounded by its beautiful French gardens, the Fontanellato Castle, the Meli Lupi Fortress in Soragna and the Cistercian abbey in Fontevivo, just to mention some of them. The Duchy of Parma and Piacenza goes through more than 300 years of history, but you will discover that some of the castles and fortresses on the territory have much older memories.

In Parma and its province you will experience wonderful landscapes, uncontaminated nature and history. Visitors can enjoy the absolute relax on the hills, have a mountain bike ride, horse ride, or just walk and discover ancient monuments and villages. Culture, Art and Landscape, together with the famous wine and food tradition are the heart of this land between the Apennines and the Po river, located in one hour drive to Milan and half an hour flight from Rome.